Friday, July 29, 2005

"By flagrant ardour inflamed" ... Clear Channel's "Gay" Porn Billboard

Our homosexual activist lurker critics (Hi to Gaston, Patrick, MassMarrier!) often accuse us of being obsessed with homosexual sex acts. Well, our answer to that is the usual: No, YOU're obsessed. Obsessed to the point that you make us look at it on the streets when we're just innocently walking or driving down Massachusetts Avenue pondering deep Cantabrigian thoughts.

We are referring, of course, to Clear Channel's "gay" porn advertisement for a hook-up website exposed by Article 8 Alliance.

A friend informed MassResistance that the photo of these two naked men hugging goes beyond suggestive. It's actually showing an "act in progress", in "standing doggie style". (Thought we'd better run this by Gaston. Was our informant correct?) Those of us familiar primarily with the missionary position and a few modest heterosexual variants were taken aback. Jeez, they are "by flagrant ardour inflamed"!

And we're obsessed? No we're upset. What is this doing on a billboard on a street anywhere in the country??? Maybe our friends at MassResistanceWatch will explain.