Sunday, July 24, 2005

Canada's Corrupted Legislators

Canada is the fourth country to fall for the homosexual extremists' propaganda that their demands are all about their "civil rights". On July 19, Canada's upper house voted to approve same-sex "marriage". The vote was 47-21, with 3 of 95 senators abstaining. (It's over now, as the lower house already approved the bill.)

How could this happen? Same way it does in the corrupted Massachusetts legislature. Most legislators don't have the moral fiber to stand up to the temptations of power and prestige, committee appointments, fancy trips, and of course the extra money they somehow get as one of the in-crowd. The other device: push the bill through fast, shutting down normal debate. (Sound familiar?) Here's how it worked in the latest Canadian vote:

"Canadian Senators Ordered to Vote in Favour of Gay "Marriage" Bill" (, July 18):

"Sources in Canada's parliament have revealed to that Liberal Senators have received a letter ordering them to be present for the vote on the same-sex 'marriage' bill C-38 and to vote in favour of it. The source indicated that the letter was followed up with direct phone calls to Senators. "I have never seen this degree of instruction and pressure," said one source.

"A source in the Senate confirmed the 'whipped' vote noting that going against the Liberal Government's expressed wishes could result in loss of perks and future opportunities. Opportunities such as international travel and important positions such as chairing committees can easily be withheld by the Leader of the Government in the Senate who is currently BC Liberal Senator Jack Austin.

"The homosexual 'marriage' bill C-38 will be brought back to the full Senate from committee without amendments tonight. Given a normal hearing, a bill of this magnitude could be debated at third reading for months, however, as the Liberals have shown they are ready to force the bill through, [in] an extremely expedited process..."