Friday, July 15, 2005

Massachusetts Family Institute: Do They Or Don't They?

In April, the Massachusetts Family Institute (MFI) said that same-sex "marriages" were "unacceptable", now it says some of them are acceptable. In April, MFI said that same-sex "marriages" should be declared "null and void", as they are without legal basis; now it says we must respect the legality of existing same-sex "marriages". How can they have it both ways?

We've been rereading some of our email alerts from MFI, to try to get a handle on its new Mass. marriage amendment, and were reminded of this blatant contradiction. In April, MFI urged its supporters to attend the surprise Judiciary Committee hearing on the marriage bills filed by Article 8 Alliance. (The e-alert was sent out after Article 8 discovered the secretive Judiciary Committee hearing at the last minute. Of course, it's nowhere mentioned in its e-alert that Article 8 filed these bills to protect marriage:)

"Massachusetts Family Institute Special Alert April 8, 2005 Legislative Alert...

"Massachusetts Family Institute is asking our supporters to come to the State House on Tuesday for a legislative hearing on several bills pertaining to the issue of same-sex marriage. It is unfortunate that the Legislature has given only four days notice about a hearing on a policy issue as important as the definition of marriage, but we must not allow the short notice to prevent us from being there.

Last year you turned out by the thousands to send a loud and clear message to legislators that court-imposed homosexual marriage was unacceptable [emphasis added] and that they must act to remedy the situation. We must keep the pressure on them, and remind them that we have not gone away and that we have not given up the fight. ...

"HB652 [Bill of Address to remove the four SJC judges.]...

"HB653 Relating to a legislative amendment to the Constitution for the definition of marriage... [Note: Article 8 filed this as a BILL, not an amendment. Somehow, through apparent special privileges for a special guy, openly homosexual "married" State Senator Barrios managed to turn this House bill into a constitutional amendment, without its House sponsors ever being informed of the change! They make up the rules as they go along...]

"HB654 Relating to same sex marriages. This bill would declare same-sex marriage[s] null and void since state laws were never changed to permit same-sex marriage. (PRO-MARRIAGE)...

"Please join us on Tuesday and encourage others to do the same as we once again show our legislators that homosexual marriage is unacceptable and the definition of marriage must be restored for the good of children and society." [Emphasis added.]

Note that homosexual "marriage" was unacceptable to Mass. Family Institute in April. BUT NOW MFI is willing to ACCEPT same-sex "marriages" in its new citizens' petition amendment, which would grandfather in such "marriages" (existing prior to the amendment taking effect).

MFI has yet to explain how it could have supported H654 on April 12, but is now willing to compromise with the "unacceptable". In April, MFI seemed to understand there was no law supporting same-sex "marriage". Now MFI says it can't deny the legality of such "marriages".

There is no truth without consistency.