Sunday, July 03, 2005

Lexington Radicals Still Calling Names

We know how popular MassResistance is among the homosexual radicals and their fellow-traveller allies in Lexington. So we thought we'd respond to their most recent name-calling in the Lexington Minuteman (June 30).

Brian Camenker (director of Article 8 Alliance) had a guest commentary in the June 23 issue of the Lexington Minuteman, which answered their nonsensical earlier attacks on traditional moral values defended by his group. He wrote:

"They harangue that Article 8 is a 'hate group' because we oppose homosexual marriage. Across America, this is a mainstream position. Last November, 11 states voted that way, and [the] gay lobby in Massachusetts is afraid of a vote here. We're also critical of homosexuality being presented in schools, and of homosexual behavior in general. That's also a legitimate point of view, arguably supported by a majority of parents in this country."

Oh, the horror! How could he say there's something objectionable in homosexual behavior?!! This especially angered one Susan Cyr of Revere Street, who continued to try to link Camenker with the predestinationists from Kansas, and racists during the civil rights struggle:

"So thanks for helping clarify their [Article 8, David Parker, Rev. Snyder] positions as well. I'd like to use your quote to illustrate your position, 'We're also critical .... of homosexual behavior in general. That's also a legitimate point of view.' Thanks for that information. I think this quote speaks volumes about what you represent and I think Fred Phelps would agree with your position. So you are saying it's not really about school programs, families or marriage — it is about being gay. You are critical of people just because they are gay. You said you don't think this position is similar to racists in the Civil Rights struggle. Again, thanks for shining this very bright light on who you are!"

Ms. Cyr, think about this: Most Americans (including most of those who object to homosexual behavior) would say that what homosexuals do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business. At the same time, most Americans still believe that not only is homosexual behavior objectionable morally, it is against nature, it is perverted, and it is a grave concern for the public health. (People are just more hesitant to say so now, because they don't like being called "homophobes".)

But when homosexuals push their behavior in our faces, promote it, and demand societal approval, it's an altogether different thing. That's the problem now: homosexuals' sexuality is no longer a private matter. The homosexual radicals have politicized it and now brazenly insist:

"We will do it in our bedrooms, AND ... we will label our homosexuality a 'right' in the State House, we will proclaim it moral in your churches, we will publish it in your newspaper wedding pages, we will exhibit it on the sidewalks, we will throw out first pitches and cruise at Fenway Park, and WE WILL INDOCTRINATE YOUR CHILDREN IN THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS AND BRING AS MANY OF THEM INTO THE LIFESTYLE AS POSSIBLE."

But, according to Ms. Cyr, to object is hateful and equivalent to racism!

Getting back to Camenker's guest opinion, he also wrote:

"There's the Orwellian comparison, constantly repeated, describing the school's imposition of homosexuality on David Parker's child as 'inclusive' but Parker's concerns as 'divisive' and similar to racists in the Civil Rights struggle.

"They wail that Article 8 is an 'outside group.' That's where the real hypocrisy sets in. From the beginning, everything they've done has had the fingerprints of outsiders, from the ADL [Anti-Defamation League, connected to 'No Place for Hate'] to Human Rights Campaign to GLSEN to Freedom to Marry Coalition. It's everywhere.

"For example, Meg Soens claims she's just a concerned parent. But she taught a workshop, sponsored by the national homosexual organization GLSEN, titled, 'Getting Gay and Lesbian Issues Included in Elementary School Staff Development, Curriculum Development, and the PTA.' Earlier this year a GLSEN representative gave a presentation at the middle school. And isn't Carol Rose [who wrote a guest commentary against Parker and appeared on Boston TV criticizing him] the executive director of the Mass. ACLU?"

This same Meg Soens [click here for wedding photo] had a letter in the recent Minuteman which mentioned her wife's name twice. (Repetition is a key device in de-sensitizing the masses.) And she went on about how happy they were with the wonderful Lexington schools (where Soens wields tremendous influence), where their children are so fortunate to be enrolled. (It's all about happy children and families. Repeat that over and over. Also be sure to insinuate that those hateful people are trying to break up families!) She worries this paradise is threatened by evil forces:

"Celia and I moved here for the public schools , and we continue to appreciate what the school system and the town provides for our entire family. What has been a great year for our children, however, could easily have been tarnished by the recent effort to make our town’s public elementary school classrooms less safe and welcoming for children like our own, kids who have two moms, kids whose parents are gay or lesbian. Fortunately, the interim superintendent supported the school staff as they worked together to keep Estabrook’s classrooms safe and inclusive to all kids, regardless of what kind of family they come from."

So, she asserts David Parker and Brian Camenker wanted to make the schools "less safe" for her children! Camenker had answered that the week before:

"All David Parker asks is to be notified when adults discuss homosexual relationships or transgenderism with his 6-year-old son, and to be able to opt his son out of such discussions. That's it. By any objective measure, his requests are completely valid. And the Lexington parents who came to his side are serious and thoughtful. I had worked with these kinds of situations in Newton, so last January David called me for some advice. He needed some support, especially since so much of this emanates from national groups. Article 8 Alliance agreed to work with him."

Not a good enough explanation for the arrogant and condescending activists in Lexington. Reaching a new low, The Minuteman even published a reprimand from a 15-year-old calling Camenker immature!