Thursday, July 07, 2005

New Lexington Superintendent "Embraces Diversity"

The Lexington Minuteman reports that its new school superintendent, Paul Ash, fits right into a town which "embraces diversity". We hope that means he'll respect parents who ask him to follow the law, and recognize their legal rights to keep their children out of homosexual indoctrination sessions. But somehow we doubt it...

"With his involvement with Lexington through the hiring of the central office staff, Ash is very aware of the challenges faced by the schools toward the end of the academic year. Ash said he was 'outraged' by the arrival of the Westboro Baptist Church from Kansas who picketed with anti-gay and anti-American signs outside Lexington High School graduation and the Estabrook Elementary School, adding he felt the town was being used by outside organizations to push a political point. He said Lexington is a town which 'embraces diversity.' "

Note the use of the plural: "outside organizations". Now, who do you think he's lumping together with the predestinationist Phelps group?? (Guilt by association: an old fascist/leftist/socialist device.)

A coalition of Massachusetts parents concerned about parents' rights and our children's education are an "outside group"?? Exactly! Parents ARE the outsiders now; children are now wards of the state.