Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Socialism, Humanism, Gay "Marriage" -- Natural Bedfellows

"First gay couple marries in Spain", according to the AP story in the Boston Globe (July 12, 2005). The Socialists and United Left party celebrated.

"The ruling Socialist Party's top official for social issues, attended. The town council is run by the conservative Popular Party, which voted against the law when it went before Spain's Parliament on June 30. The ceremony was presided over by a town councilor from the United Left party, which voted in favor. It was not immediately known whether the conservative mayor refused to do so. On the day Parliament voted, the Roman Catholic Church in Spain issued a veiled call for civil authorities who opposed gay marriage to refuse to preside over same-sex weddings.

"Since the law took effect July 3, about 50 couples are believed to have filed papers seeking to get married. The Justice Ministry estimates about 10 percent of Spain's population of 43 million people is homosexual."

Let's see: 10%, or 4.3 million, of Spain's population is "gay", but only 50 couples in the whole country have filed papers to "marry" in the last two weeks, and only one couple has actually "married". Where are all those loving, committed "gay" couples who've been waiting so long to tie the knot?

Speaking of the Boston Globe, don't miss Brian McGrory's hit piece on Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania. Sorry, Mr. McGrory, but secular humanist institutions like Harvard do have something to do with the political-moral climate here in Massachusetts. Ultimately, their road leads to the nasty place we're in now.

And as for the "priest abuse" scandal in the Catholic church, Senator Santorum doesn't state the problem boldy enough. As MassResistance has pointed out before: The radical homosexuals demand access to minors. See item #State-7 in the Gay Rights Platform of 1972: "Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent."

There must be a reason they demand this.... The priests who abused minors were homosexuals who infiltrated the church, and did not hold to their vows of celibacy. It was not a child abuse scandal; it was a homosexual scandal. And how can Mr. McGrory deny that Boston Mayor Thomas Menino is a big promoter of all things "gay"?