Thursday, July 21, 2005

Lemmings in the Mass. Legislature

Supposedly there's such a thing as socially conservative Democrats, even in Massachusetts. The sponsors of the Bill of Address (H652, to remove the four SJC judges who ruled for same-sex "marriage") are all Democrats. But every one of them (who was present on July 14) voted to increase funding for the homosexual propaganda programs in our public schools.

So here is MassResistance's question to our friends, Reps. Goguen (D), Nangle (D), Parente (D), Travis (D): Don't you see the connection between the homosexual propaganda in our schools and same-sex "marriage"? Haven't you noticed that the majority of recent high school graduates thinks that male-to-male "fisting" is on a moral par with heterosexual missionary-position intercourse ... and should receive the state sanctioning of legal "marriage"? Do you really want to help fund the gay clubs in our high schools, which lead our children to the GLSEN conference, which handed out the Little Black Book and told them to consider sex-change operations???

What matters to these Dems??? Party loyalty above preserving civilization??? Spending your tax dollars on whatever their leadership proposes, because that's what Dems do???

MassResistance sends a special THANK YOU, hugs, and kisses (though we don't want to sound too "gay") to our Republicans (not-in-name-only) friends in the House: Reps. Jones, Peterson, deMacedo, Evangelidis, Gifford, Hargraves, Loscocco, Perry, Poirier, Polito, Pope, Smola, and Webster. (And let's hope that these Republicans didn't stick with the Governor from purely fiscally conservative motives!)

Reprimands are in order for the following apparent RINOs (NO, it's NOT a "big tent"), Reps. Rogeness, Lepper, Frost, Gomes, Hill, and Ross. (Rep. Ross, we had high hopes for you. What happened?)