Monday, July 11, 2005

Resistance Alive and Well at Tufts University

A headline in today's Boston Globe ("Students press to end ban on gay male blood donors") reminded me of a skirmish we'd heard about at Tufts University this past year.

It seems that Tufts is an especially fertile breeding ground for homosexual extremists. Remember Carl Sciortino, recent Tufts grad, defiler of the Boston Cathedral, activist extraordinaire ... and now State Representative for Medford and Somerville?

[Hey, Carl. We're wondering when your wedding is going to take place. The one you agitated for while a student at Tufts. Maybe there was a private ceremony?]

MassResistance was happy to learn that there is a feisty resistance cell at Tufts: The Primary Source journal. What a great group of right thinking young people, fighting the good fight on a hideously liberal campus! The outgoing editor recently wrote:

"Tufts claims to promote tolerance and understanding, but it actually promotes shockingly extreme levels of intolerance and bigotry. In my four years here, I have witnessed more hatred-driven aggression and fear than in the rest of my life. I have been threatened, spit at, harassed, labeled a racist, a fascist, a homophobe, a hate-monger, and regularly defamed on campus.... If only they had warned me on the admissions website, 'Conservatives need not apply...' "

"As a computer engineer, I managed to eke out a decent education from an institution that is otherwise barren of learning. Others were not so fortunate.... [T]he ability to reason and communicate should be the measure of a successful liberal artist's [education]. In reality, when Tufts liberal artists encounter criticism of their opinions or actions (usually for the first time in the pages of this magazine), they become so personally insulted they immediately resort to name-calling."

For a good example of the craziness at Tufts, look at the radical homosexual activist of the year at Tufts, one Mr. Matthew Pohl. He was awarded the "Fool on the Hill" acclamation in the commencement issue of The Primary Source (May 22, 2005; not yet online). Mr. Pohl did just what the Boston Globe headline screamed: he demanded!! that the Red Cross stop discriminating against gay men when taking blood donations. But that's not all...

Mr. Pohl demanded!! that Tufts include "gender identity" and "sexual expression" in its non-discrimination policy. He demanded!! that academic freedom be denied to the conservative viewpoints in the college's classroom. He demanded!! that ROTC be banned from campus, because of the military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy regarding homosexuals. And he was outraged!! at the thought that anyone would support George W. Bush for re-election.

Make checks payable to The Primary Source, Mayer Campus Center, Tufts University, Medford, MA 02155. They could use your help.