Tuesday, July 05, 2005

"Gays" Charge Conservative Watchdogs with Repressed Homoerotic Desires

In a hilarious article in Bay Windows ( "Would the real pervert please stand up?" ), we read about how we activist defenders of traditional values are really just obsessed with homosexual sex acts. The only explanation for our research and work is that we are repressing our own homoerotic desires, says the article.

Interesting that Bay Windows would even accept the concept of "pervert".... We thought there was no such thing as "perverts" in their world, only different "lifestyles", "preferences", and identities". So the whole premise of their faulting anyone else for suspected perversion is ludicrous. Why would they be at all bothered by someone else's "obsessions" or "preferences"? We thought their philosophy was "anything goes".

So -- the homosexual radicals push their ordure in our faces all day long, and then tell us to pretend we don't smell it! If our olfactory nerves are working normally, we're the ones labeled "sick". Truly Orwellian!

One telling passage faults those reporting on the dark underbelly of the "gay" world for "reduc[ing] the debate to potty talk worthy of a seventh grader." The author seems to miss the fact that activities recommended in, for instance, the Little Black Book, are in fact related to potty substances such as urine and feces (and oral contact with same).

The AIDS Action Committee, in its Little Black Book, treats us to definitions and descriptions of potty practices: anal f'ing, watersports ("p--s play"), spit vs. swallow, rimming, fisting. We just happened to come across their opus as it was being handed out to young people. Yes, that upset us traditional types, so we're talking about it a lot -- but that doesn't mean we're fantasizing about fisting all day long.

We also learn in this article how psychologists and sociologists have totally bought into the fantasy concept of "homophobia": "Lending credence to that assertion are the results of a study published in the American Psychological Association's Journal of Abnormal Psychology in 1996. Researchers at the University of Georgia conducted an experiment involving 35 homophobic men and 29 nonhomophobic men as determined by the Index of Homophobia scale, a 25-item test used by sociologists and psychologists to determine levels of homophobia." Index of Homophobia scale?!!

Looks like the "gays" are upset that their filthy practices are being exposed after decades of polite silence and averted eyes on the part of us regular people. They can't handle it when the truth gets out, and are struggling to figure out how to answer us. So we're seeing this new tactic of calling us repressed homosexuals a lot lately. The article concludes:

[A]s syndicated 'Savage Love' sex columnist Dan Savage says, "I think part of the backlash right now is the sense of loss that these people who are afraid of sex are going to lose their bogeyman if we all just show up at PTA meetings and appear to be as boring as they are." ...

"Part of the screaming and yelling about all the sleazy things we do is that that's what they want us to do," Savage also says. "That's the role they need us to play so that we can be the sexual scary other and the bogeyman and all these things. They're more threatened by us being boring and paired off and married off and living in the suburbs, ironically enough, than they are threatened by all these crazy sex things we're supposedly up to all the time."

If that's the case, then given the continued forward push by the GLBT rights movement it's unlikely that right-wing extremists will abandon their use of sex as a weapon anytime soon. Savage suggests that the best defense is to turn the tables. He points to the closeted [Spokane Mayor] West's public opposition to gay rights legislation as an example of fodder that can be used to quell the right-wing sex panic. "It gives us an opening to say that anybody who opposes gay rights measures is secretly a closeted homosexual who's cruising online for 18 year old boys. And we should do that. 'Got a problem with homosexuality? Oh, that's proof that you're gay.' We should promote the hell out of that. It's like owning a poodle or wearing lavender trousers - it's just a sign that you're a homo."

Let us assure our many homosexual readers that the MassResistance crowd is not repressed in any way. Very healthy here, grateful for our normal sexual desires. And especially thankful for our intact sense of smell.