Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"Urinegate"; or Exposing the Total Depravity of the Mass. Legislature

What has “gay marriage” brought to Massachusetts? Liberals running wild in the Massachusetts Legislature, for one thing. The Chief of Staff of our Ways & Means Committee chairman saying he’s not at all bothered that our teenagers are being taught about homosexual “water sports”, i.e. urinating on each other for “sexual pleasure”. Read on...

Article 8 Alliance found out that the gay lobby had voted a 70% increase in funding for homosexual propaganda programs in our public schools through the “Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth”. This Commission is behind the “Gay-Straight Alliance” clubs, “Day of Silence” events, and other twisted homosexual programs aimed at teens … including the event where the “Little Black Book” on homosexual sex acts (like “water sports”) was passed out to kids. Governor Romney vetoed the funding increase, responding to hundreds of calls from Article 8 supporters.

Article 8 then contacted the Ways & Means Committee office, chaired by Rep. Robert DeLeo of Winthrop, left a voice mail and sent an email to his legislative aide, asking about the override process and calendar. (Both messages clearly said it was Article 8 wanting the information.) DeLeo’s aide called Article 8’s office after hours (and heard the identifying message, “You have reached Article 8…”), then left a message. The aide said he intended to put the homosexual program funding items in his report, and onto the list to be overridden. (He clearly did not understand where Article 8 was coming from, though a little web check could have answered any doubts!) The aide's message:

“The gay and lesbian youth programs, the chair strongly supports, and as far as the public health funding, for the line items 4590 and 7010 -- both of those are obviously of great importance to him as well. So I think there's a good chance they will be taken up in an override...The chair is very, very, very supportive of these programs and sees a great deal of importance in them. So you can rest assured on that.”

On July 14, DeLeo sent the first part of the two vetoed budget increases to the floor for an override. And the override got passed “by the (apparently) brain-dead full House and Senate, which was more interested in getting to the Cape early than any serious debate.” (-- Article 8 email alert)

Then, DeLeo’s office got wind of Article 8’s report of his aide’s voice mail. They clearly didn’t like being exposed. DeLeo’s Chief of Staff, one Mr. Eisenberg, complained to MassNews:


From: Eisenberg, James (HWM) []
Sent: Monday, July 18, 2005 4:38 PM
Subject: erroneous report

To the Editor:
Please remove or correct the story on your website entitled, “House Ways and Means Chairman, Legislators Must be Called.” It states that the Article 8 Alliance received a voice mail from an aide to State Representative Robert A. DeLeo. Such a voice-mail, and therefore its contents, were never proffered to the Article 8 Alliance. No aide of Representative DeLeo ever contacted the Alliance and no voice-mail was left. The report by the Article 8 Alliance is false.
Thank you for your attention to this matter.

James C. Eisenberg, Chief of Staff

House Committee on Ways and Means
Chairman Robert A. DeLeo
State House, Boston, Massachusetts 02133


Dear Mr. Eisenberg,

I was forwarded [your] email from MassNews.

The voice mail in question was most certainly left on our office phone system. If you care to call our office at 781-899-4905 I would be happy to play it for you.

I cannot believe that you would actually lie about something like this. But on the other hand, the fact that you people are behaving so dishonorably about this whole business of funding homosexuality in the public schools is an indicator that you've been on Beacon Hill far too long.

Brian Camenker
Article 8 Alliance


Eisenberg spoke with Camenker and heard the voice mail from the aide. Then he wrote this letter to MassNews:

7-20-05 Letters to the Editor
To the Editor:

Please disregard my prior e-mail. Mr. Camenker replayed the voice-mail message for me and it indeed has the voice of a member of our staff. While my previous e-mail was not a lie, it was an error based on incomplete information on my part.

I apologize to Mr. Camenker for the mistake. As for the Chairman’s position on these budget line-items, as I indicated to Mr. Camenker, our office will soon be forwarding a position statement to the Article 8 Alliance which I will also forward to your news organization. Thank you for your attention to this manner and I again apologize for my error.

Sincerely,James C. Eisenberg, Chief of Staff
House Committee on Ways and Means
Chairman Robert A. DeLeo
State House, Boston, Massachusetts 02133

[MassNews] Editor's Note:
Thank you for your acknowledgement. We presume it was an honest mistake.


And now, we get to the most appalling part, the “water sports” exchange. Camenker reports in an email to Article 8 supporters the content of his discussion with Eisenberg [from Camenker’s Article 8 email alert, 7-20-05]:

=== 3. A very chilling experience – just how bad it is on Beacon Hill. ===

I got a call yesterday morning from James Eisenberg, chief of staff of Rep. Robert DeLeo, chairman of the powerful Ways & Means Committee of the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

DeLeo is orchestrating an override of Gov. Romney's veto of a 70% increase of state funding for homosexual programs in the public schools. Parents across the state are livid, but DeLeo doesn't seem fazed.

I asked Eisenberg why DeLeo was willing to take so much heat for something as bad as this - money for homosexual programs in the schools. I just can't understand it, I said. This money goes for such poisonous things. Is he familiar with the "Little Black Book", I asked.

Yes, he knows about "The Little Black Book", he told me. Then he said something that completely floored me.

He mentioned the part where it discusses urination, as an example. He said he has no problem with it, or any other part of that book, as long as it's "clinically correct."

Clinically correct? First of all, it's not clinically or medically correct at all, I said. We've posted a letter by a physician that describes in detail the massive mis-information this book contains.

But wait a minute. Urination? I reminded Eisenberg what we're talking about here: the book (given to kids) describes people urinating on each other, and cautions its readers to be careful not to accidentally drink any of it. There's nothing medically or clinically correct about this. It's depraved. The book should say that to people.

"We have a difference of opinion," was Eisenberg's reply.

He went on to say that these programs are about saving lives. The proponents (the homosexual lobby) report that when the funding for these programs goes down, gay teen suicides go up. That's why they need to give them more money, so suicides will go back down.

I was stunned. These are complete lies, I said. I asked him if he'd actually looked at the statistics, or examined what these programs actually are. No, he hadn't personally done that. This is completely bogus, I told him. This is simply an excuse to get into the schools by the homosexuals. The State of Massachusetts, in its suicide statistics and records, does not keep track of "reasons" why anyone commits suicide. And has he looked at the "Youth Risk Behavior Surveys" given out in the schools, which they use to for their claims, I asked? These surveys are completely phony, and they ask all kinds of leading questions to impressionable kids. Any actual statistician would laugh at these surveys.

But worse than that, I said, these programs are not run by anyone with any medical qualifications, or legitimate experience in suicide prevention, such as the Samaritans. It's just homosexual activists pushing programs to normalize homosexuality in the minds of kids. In fact, these programs can be very destructive emotionally to kids who are at a vulnerable time in their lives emotionally.

"Well, we have a difference of opinion," he said again.

Why don't you people look at any of this with a critical eye? You don't question anything they tell you. Why do you just hand them money? He didn't respond to that.

He said he lived in the same town I do, and he knew about me, and my activities on these issues. So what does he think about that, I asked him. You people act as if you're "under siege," he told me.

I asked him if he has kids in the schools. He said no, he doesn't. I talked to him about the homosexual programs in the local schools - the transgender assemblies, the pamphlets asking if kids "if they hadn't had same-gender sex, how do they know they wouldn't like it", and the counseling sessions I'd witnessed, telling kids that if they feel "different" maybe they're really gay. Has he seen our postings about this on our web site? Yes, he had. But beyond that he didn't have any comment, except "We have a difference of opinion."

He reiterated that this is his personal opinion, but that he definitely supported these programs. He admitted that Rep. DeLeo could stop the veto of the funding increase from being overridden if he wanted to. But he did not dispute the observation from the other aide that DeLeo "Is very, very, very supportive of these programs and sees a great deal of importance in them. So you can rest assured on that."

So there you have it. Whatever Rep. Robert DeLeo once was - pro-life, pro-family - this is the person he's chosen to have as his chief of staff. A man who has no trouble with the state funding a book about people urinating on each other for sexual pleasure.

And Eisenberg's not at all alone. From what we've been told, he's more the rule than the exception among Legislative staff on Beacon Hill. This is absolutely beyond belief, but in 2005 this is what is actually happening, the force behind our legal process.

This is why the we all have to do the hard work of taking back control of our government. That's what Article 8 Alliance is dedicated to. That's why we're here.