Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Attorney General Reilly Approves Unclean Marriage Amendment

Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly announced this afternoon that he would let the referendum petition to go forward.

This unclean amendment would both ban and certify homosexual "marriage". In a state already drowning in legal and moral chaos, it will further contaminate the waters, presenting voters with an untenable compromise.

We predict the queer activists will immediately challenge it in the courts, because it would violate their "equal protection under the law" (by allowing some of them to be married, but others not.) And they have a point.

Don't waste your effort getting signatures for this referendum. Even if it were a clean amendment (one which would overturn the fraudulent homosexual "marriages" and ban civil unions), and even if it is approved by the voters, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) will likely not let it stand. And if the SJC doesn't block it, some federal judge will. (That's what happened recently to a marriage amendment passed by voters in Nebraska.)

The four SJC judges must go, and their homosexual "marriage" ruling must be overturned. Support that effort: Tell your legislators to support the Bill of Address, H652.