Thursday, September 08, 2005

"Safe Schools"? "Safe Zones"?

It's back-to-school time. Time for parents to pay attention to the latest ploy by GLSEN, the queer propagandameisters who have infiltrated our schools.

One of GLSEN's newer strategies is to demand our schools be "Safe Schools", and to declare "Safe Zones" within a school. Confused, upset, distressed teens are encouraged to go to a teacher's or counselor's office displaying a "safe zone" emblem, where they will be told that maybe their problems are related to repression of their "sexual identity or expression".

MassResistance knows of a teen girl at a Massachusetts high school, assigned to sessions with the school psychologist because of learning disabilities, who was prodded by this school "professional" to talk about whom she had a crush on: "Do you want to tell me about him or her?" This is what's called a "safe zone"! (The psychologist is also the adviser to the gay-straight alliance at the high school.)

Of course, none of this is done with parental knowledge or permission. The very term "safe zone" implies to the student that there's something available at school that he doesn't have at home, at a relative's, at a friend's, or at his church: a "safe" place where he can "just be himself."

See Scott Lively's analysis of the strategy, "The Danger of 'Safe Schools' ", and Newton Tab columnist Tom Mountain's description of how it plays out at Newton North High School.