Saturday, September 24, 2005

Heather Has Two Mommies AND Two Daddies in Massachusetts!

We've warned you that polygamy, or group marriage, or polyamory -- whatever term you prefer -- is next! To use the "logic" of Empress Margaret Marshall (from her ruling on homosexual "marriage"), if it's not rational to limit marriage to just a man and a woman, why is it rational to limit marriage to just a man and a man? Why not throw in a couple of women, too?

Check out this prominent advertisement from the Boston queer newspaper, Bay Windows:

Two gay professional men
who live in Boston seek
two women interested in co-parenting.
20-year commitment.
Send short bio to
[Bay Windows, September 15, p. 9 in print ed.]

Now, according to the Lexington School Superintendent (and, he says, the Mass. Department of Education), Massachusetts schools will have to teach this alternative family profile to elementary school students (without parental notification). After all, it's reality. We can't let children from this family grow up in a community that doesn't approve of their "alternative family" configuration. We wouldn't want this family to be hurt by those in the community who are so Stone-Age, so homophobic, and so fascistic as to think that there's anything wrong with it!

As you read the nonsense from Lexington below, bear in mind that the terms "sexual orientation" and "diversity" are NEVER really defined, by Massachusetts law, by the Department of Education, or even by the queer activists! So we see no reason this parenting group of four wouldn't be covered.

From Lexington School Supt. Ash's letter (to the Lexington Minuteman, 9-22-05):

Recently, questions have been raised as to whether school staff also has an obligation to notify parents and allow "opt out" of other school-based activities, particularly in the elementary grades. For example, some parents have requested they be notified whenever their child has access to any material, conversation, or activity that acknowledges differences in sexual orientation, including any reference to families with same-gender parents.

Since elementary curriculum often elicits discussion of family experiences, such references certainly may occur. In addition, our schools routinely provide students with access to materials, activities, and discussions that recognize diversity. This access is designed to assist us in our goal of maintaining an appropriate and respectful educational environment for all students. As required by law and LPS policy, this environment must be free of discrimination based on race, gender, color, religion, sexual orientation, national origin and disability.

The Massachusetts Department of Education, which is responsible for administering Section 32A [Parental Notification Act], has explained that activities and materials designed to promote tolerance and respect for individuals, including recognition of differences in sexual orientation "without further instruction on the physical and sexual implications" do not trigger the notice and opt out provisions of Section 32A. Under this standard, staff has no obligation to notify parents of discussions, activities, or materials that simply reference same-gender parents or that otherwise recognize the existence of differences in sexual orientation. Accordingly, I expect teachers to continue to allow children access to such activities and materials to the extent appropriate to children's ages, to district goals of respecting diversity, and to the curriculum.