Friday, September 09, 2005

Lexington's Worst School: Estabrook?

Boston Magazine's September issue published a list of the top 100 elementary schools in eastern Massachusetts. Five out of six of Lexington's elementary schools made the list. The Lexington school conspicuously absent: Estabrook. (Estabrook is also absent on their list of 652 schools!)

Hmm, that name rings a bell. Oh yeah -- that's where David Parker met with the principal to work out an agreement (his right under Massachusetts law) regarding his son's exposure to mainstreamed homosexuality -- until the administrators decided to call the police in to arrest him.

Maybe the Estabrook School didn't make the list because of a broken fax machine (maybe the drafts of Parker's agreement never made it to the Superintendent's office?). Or maybe the Estabrook anti-bias committee was considered too biased against traditional families?