Thursday, September 01, 2005

Find Alternative Charity: Red Cross Supports Homo Agenda

A friend has brought our attention to this letter from a pro-life minister, warning us not to trust the Red Cross with our funds. Sadly, that charity has been compromised by its support of the homosexual agenda.

(To be sure your donation goes where you want, here are just a few alternative charities which do NOT support the homosexual agenda: Samaritan's Purse; Feed the Children; The Salvation Army.)

Whether or not one believes the hand of God was in this disaster, without out a doubt we are happy to say "good riddance" to the "Southern Decadence" event which has been indefinitely postponed.

Dear Friends of the Preborn,
Just a quick note to encourage you NOT to give money to the American Red Cross. (All the media is appealing for Americans to do so for the Hurricane Katrina victims). Why not? Because they promote the homosexual agenda in our nation, and even have "Corporate Diversity Committees" and a "Chief Diversity Officer" to help implement the agenda. To top it all off, they recently fired a Christian for simply sharing his views regarding homosexuality. You can read about this matter by clicking on the following link:

Find a different charity to give to if you want to help the people down south.

By the way, because of Hurricane Katrina the sodomites won't be able to conduct their "Southern Decadence Days" wherein tens of thousands of sodomites come into New Orleans and do the most filthy things (even right out on the streets!). The city officials have welcomed them with open arms year after year. It would have begun this Thursday and went through to Labor Day.

If you feel bad that the residents in Gulfport and Biloxi had to suffer because of the sodomites and sodomite-loving magistrates in New Orleans, don't feel too bad because these towns are known as the "Gambling Capitols of the South" wherein thousands of elderly people go to blow their money, thus disinheriting their families. (So much is wasted that $500,000.00 is given to the State of Mississippi in taxes every single day!).

When God's judgment comes on a nation even the so-called "innocent" suffer because they turn a blind eye, tolerate, and live in peaceful co-existence with the evil in their midst. This nation is a corporate entity, and judgment is often dispensed corporately....

Pastor Matt Trewhella
Missionaries to the Preborn, Founder