Thursday, September 15, 2005

These "Ministers" Oppose Freedom of Religion

MassResistance noted a stream of pro-gay-"marriage" legislators flowing from the Unitarian Universalist HQ on Beacon Street (right next to the State House!), as the Constitutional Convention was about to get underway yesterday. As these misguided souls walked through the rowdy queer activists in front of the State House (no, the demonstrators' demeanor was anything but calm or mature), the reps clearly reveled in their acclamation.

We also observed several "ministers" in the crowd (you know: clerical collars, accessorized with rainbow silks). "God loves you, no matter what you do!"

And we remembered that the Unitarian Universalists were not only the first to recognize unnatural sex as a basis for "marriage"... They are also pushing group "marriage" or "polyamory". (You can't be "progressive" unless you keep moving to the next new thing.) Yes, polygamy is next. How can we deny these loving groups their happiness? On what rational basis can we say they cannot marry?

And today we read in Bay Windows reports that a group of pro-gay-"marriage" clergy protested an ex-gay program scheduled at Tremont Temple Baptist Church on October 29. Funny, we can't think of examples of conservative clergy protesting outside other churches, whether Unitarian, Episcopalian, or a synagogue, over those congregations' views on homosexuality, abortion, or whatever.

What is going on here? Clearly, while these phony "clergy" say they believe in protecting the rights of minorities, they don't seem to care about the conservative religious views they claim are the minority in Massachusetts:

When Focus on the Family came to Boston Sept. 8 to preview its upcoming ex-gay conference, Love Won Out, at Tremont Temple Baptist Church, the clergy of the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry (RCFM) refused to let the event go unnoticed. About 20 protestors, many of them religious leaders wearing their religious garments, gathered on the sidewalk in front of the church to argue that Focus on the Family and Love Won Out do not represent the values of the majority of people of faith in the Commonwealth.

"[Focus on the Family] are a minority of people in this community. They do not represent a majority of people in this community. They come from out of state," said RCFM director Rabbi Devon Lerner.... That morning Focus on the Family held an invitation-only clergy breakfast for about 200 clergy to preview Love Won Out, which will be held at Tremont Temple Baptist Church October 29.

Their goal is clear. To silence all opposition to the homosexual and transsexual agenda, even in our churches.