Saturday, September 03, 2005

Should "Families" Even Be a Topic In School?

A friend in Lexington has shared an interesting exchange from the town's online political debate on whether there should be any discussion of families in the schools.

MassResistance knows first hand how painful any public entry into this private sphere can be for a child. Adoptees are constantly confronted with family-tree or ancestor assignments. Where is the liberal "sensitivity" to them?

We agree with Lorraine below: NO discussion of "families" belongs in the schools! We all know that liberals have used this ploy to introduce their radical, anti-traditional values into the minds and emotions of little children. Let's shut it down now.

Glenn: It's important for kids to learn about the families of their schoolmates, just like it's important for them to learn about the different countries, languages, and cultures that these families come from. We are teaching them to avoid unfair discrimination against other people, which is the first step of their education in civil rights.

Lorraine: It's NOT important for kids to learn about families. Children don't care as much as parents do. Whatever happened to show and tell where children would talk about pets, hobbies and other interesting things? We are talking about five year old children. It's grownups that have made family the focal point in class.

This is very hurtful to many children who do not live with a mother and father. One mother told me her son was in tears because they were getting a divorce and they discussed families in class. Some children come from single parent homes as well. I don't think this is at all necessary and does nothing to educate children. They will find these things out for themselves in time.

Glenn: I haven't heard any children debating the social issues of the day at Estabrook. Seems to me the only people looking for a debate were David Parker and his supporters, and they brought the debate into the schools (literally).

Lorraine: Are you there when all this takes place? Parents are not invited or allowed at these talks.

Glenn: What exactly is there to debate, anyway? Do you want to debate whether there exist families with two moms, or two dads, or only one mom, or whatever? Do you want to debate whether such families are legal and respectable? Do you want to debate whether we should treat all families fairly and equally? Because those are the only issues up for debate, as far as I can see. At no point has sexual reproduction or sex education (or GLSEN for that matter) ever entered the discussion surrounding David Parker.

Lorraine: Six years ago, when I became aware of what was happening, there was a book the schools were reading to the children, "Heather Has Two Mommies". Part of the book was about artificial insemination. Can you imagine a five year old knowing what that means? I can't. I called so much attention to the book it was reprinted without that information in it. I still have that original book. They will try to say and do whatever they can get away with. Parents need to know what their children are being taught. I was also told by the school that oral sex and sodomy were also discussed in the high school which I also opposed. It's a well known fact that GLSEN, the homosexual organization, is in the schools. Same sex marriage is only legal in ONE state, Massachusetts. Eighteen other states have voted against it since it became legal in our looney state.

Glenn: FAMILIES SHOULD NOT BE DISCUSSED IN SCHOOL. Do you realize how completely absurd this statement is? No, probably not.

Lorraine: You think you are so smart when it's sarcasm that you're so good at. Glenn, it's not absurd at all. If two children fight about a toy all the time no matter how many times you talk to them about sharing, what would you do with the toy? Take it away from them, of course. Well there seems to be a similar situation in the schools. Parents do not agree with what's being taught to the children and can't come to an agreement, or even talk about it. What do you think should happen? I think that part of the curriculum should be eliminated to satisfy everyone and bring peace into the schools again. That doesn't mean one family is more important than another but equally important. I have nothing against homosexuals but I don't believe in same sex marriage and never will. I didn't like the fact that the school taught my children about it before it was even legal. Should I be outraged, you bet I am.

Glenn: I believe the schools should be a neutral place for all children to learn without outside interference (GLSEN) in the schools. Students should be taught respect for each other, period. Respect begins with understanding and accepting the larger reality that we all live in. Instead, you would undercut respect by denying basic recognition and fairness to people living in your own town. It's time for you to go back and review the Golden Rule.

Lorraine: Glenn, the Lord says "love thy neighbor", and I do. It doesn't say we have to agree with them when we think it's wrong. I don't like a one way school system, one way people, or one way streets. {;-)