Wednesday, September 21, 2005

How Many "Gay" Clubs in Mass. High Schools?

How many "Gay-Straight Alliances" are there in Massachusetts high schools? It's hard to know. But since we taxpayers are supporting them, through our wise legislators and the "Governor's Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth", we should be able to get an answer.

Of course, MassResistance believes one club promoting sexual perversion is too many. But we have to deal with the ugly reality.

The list we posted a few days back, compiled from GLSLEN's website and PFLAG's report on the "Youth Pride 2005" parade, yields 200 clubs. But a recent Bay Windows report says 110. "Since [2002] the number of active GSAs around the state has stayed fairly constant at about 110, with a few new ones popping up each year and a few others folding."

Maybe we can find out from:
- the Governor's Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth, 617-725-4000 ext. 35312.
- Mass. Department of Education ("Safe Schools"), Sarah Slautterback, Training Coordinator, 781-338-6330,
- GLSEN Boston, 617-536-9669