Sunday, September 25, 2005

Keeping Current: It's Now "LGBTQIP etc."

We' e been reading some oldies on the web, and couldn't help noticing how the queer activist acronym keeps growing.

Back in 2003 (when Carl Sciortino and his queer boyfriends disrupted Mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, where they held hands, kissed, hugged, demanded sodomitic unions be blessed by God, etc.) ... well, back then, QueerToday's website referred to their movement as just "LGBT".

Now in 2005, only two years later,

" represents the queer voice of the gay liberation movement. We advocate for equality for all LGBTQIP...etc. people."

Could our queer readers please inform us what the "P" stands for? Could it possibly have to do with the subject of our last posting? Maybe P is just for generalized Perversion, so it will cover whatever they think of next and they won't have to add another letter? (We don't want to imagine what that "etc." might include.)

(We understand that T was for transgender, but then sometimes also transsexual as sex-reassignment surgery started being covered by health insurance. Then we found out that even the queers are confused, so they've started saying T stands just for "trans". We think Q means "questioning", and I is "intersex".)

It seems the descent into this filthy whirlpool of depravity is swirling faster than they can handle ...

These are the people planning a huge demonstration against "Love Won Out" , the ex-gay ministry seminar planned for October 29 in Boston.