Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Boston Queer Paper Pushing "Brotherly" Incest

Why are we surprised by anything these days? Bay Windows, Boston's queer newspaper, gives a positive review to a movie about homosexual incest between two brothers. "Harry & Max" is about brothers, age 16 and 23, who have a sexual relationship. (Next thing you know, we'll have a movie about two brothers wanting to get "married".)

"[T]he best thing about Harry & Max is how natural it makes their unnatural love seem." How surprising that Bay Windows would call any sexual perversion "unnatural"! We wonder how they define that term??

From the review, "Brotherly lust" :

[Made by an openly gay filmmaker], Harry & Max is built around a weekend camping trip in the San Gabriel Mountains near Los Angeles. Harry (Bryce Johnson), whose boy band may have passed its peak, has been living the popstar lifestyle long enough to be used to getting what he wants when he wants it.

But Harry has been largely estranged from his family, partly by choice, and no one has been more hurt by it than Max, who is also going the boy band route but hasn't yet been spoiled by it. Max idolizes Harry and, being gay, is as eager to jump his bones as any of his teenybopper fans.

He got his chance to do that two years ago on a family vacation in Bermuda and makes his move again on their long-awaited camping trip. Harry criticizes Max's oral technique and doesn't let him finish: "I'd prefer that you whack it. It might help you sleep.... If I liked boys and I weren't your brother it might be different."

What he did with Max wasn't Harry's only homosex experience, he admits: "Sometimes I had to - like, for work and stuff."