Saturday, May 13, 2006

Bizarre Event at MassYouthPride OK with Governor Romney?

Does Gov. Romney still think his Governor's Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth is doing good work? We ask him to look again. Here is a profile of the person behind one of Youth Pride's big events, Gunner Scott of (a.k.a. ButchDykeBoy) who's running a session called "Words of Wisdom." Here's a person the Governor's Commission is presenting to teens as a courageous, admirable, and worthy of imitation.

Bear in mind it's not only on Youth Pride day that the kids encounter this stuff. It's what's being pushed by the Commission and the radical groups it works with all year long, through gay clubs in the high schools, the Day of Silence, the GLSEN Boston conference, school diversity days, and surreptitious curriculum inserts.


TransNation: Crashing gender boundaries
(Bay Windows, 1-26-06)

... Scott believes that there is a whole group of people who are trans amorous (even if those individuals don’t comprise an identifiable community) and these “transam” folks also face transphobia. Scott, who now identifies as a genderqueer female-to-masculine person, speaks from experience on both sides of that romantic situation.

“Before I came out as trans I was partnered with a transwoman. I was lesbian-identified and I lost more [queer] friends being with her than I did when I first came out [as trans].” Scott hopes that his trans activism will help create a world in which all people feel free to live in the identity that they most relate to....

“We are still a pretty racially divided city, both mainstream and GLBT and you can see that playing out in the trans community as well. I think that in some places that transwomen have been accepted into some lesbian and dyke spaces like the Dyke March and other things. And then in other spaces it’s not so accepted. There are definitely gay FTMs who are in the gay male community that have made a space for themselves and aren’t necessarily spending a lot of time in the FTM community but are in the non-trans gay male community. So I think it’s like having to choose which label is going to be predominant. There’s not a lot of space for someone to be their whole selves. There is [still] homophobia within the trans community; there’s transphobia in the gay and lesbian community.”