Thursday, May 04, 2006

"King and King" About "Family"? NO...

It was already a stretch when GLBTQIP activists claimed that "Who's In a Family?" (the book that triggered the David Parker's concern) was only about "different kinds of families." But how are families with children created except through sex? (Leaving aside that non-hetero parents now have unethical doctors willing to artificially inseminate, no matter what the parent profile is ...)

So we say even "Who's In a Family?" is about human sexuality, because when a young child from a normal background is forced to focus on two mommies or two daddies with their children, they will naturally find it strange. Then their thoughts inevitably move on to how two mommies or two daddies can make babies. "Do they kiss like my mommy and daddy? Do they sleep together?", etc. But it's still not about sex, say the GLBTQIPs!

But now the GLBTQIPs are really pushing it. "King and King", the latest tool of indoctrination in the Lexington schools, is about two young princes who fall in love and get "married." It is "not about sex but about family," they still say.

But where, we ask, are the two kings' children? Is a male couple engaging in sodomy a "family"? Is that all that the word "family" now requires? How is this book about "different kinds of families" that children see in their own neighborhoods? The only reference to "family" in this story book is the strained relationship between the prince his mother, the chattering, overbearing queen. (Very interesting. No father around, a nagging mother he can't stand ... but that's a topic for another day.)