Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Early Years of Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth

[First in a series exposing what the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth is really all about.]

An oldie but goodie. Check out this letter by Scott Whiteman (famous for exposing the GLSEN seminar in 2000 instructing our children how to "fist" ). The letter is from February 2000, just prior to the infamous GLSEN conference. The very premise of the commission, specifically "gay" teen suicides, was false.

... the 1989 suicide statistics have been proven false (Boston Herald, "Gay teen suicide state refuted", May 25, 1997, 5). ... The Youth Risk Behavior Survey is "self-reported" and "there is no way to establish its accuracy" ... We have based our public policy on the potentially false or misleading statements of 14 gay kids. ...

The Governor's Commission gives a mixed message. "Officially" and in the papers, LaFontaine [ notorious "gay" activist and first Chairman, a "man accused of hate crimes for his organization of an event at which condoms were thrown at Catholic priests"] says that its not about sex, and he "believe[s] very strongly that all students should not be sexually active in high school" (Boston Herald, "Conservative study rips state sex ed program," December 29, 1999, p 24). But after school, at gay clubs throughout the Commonwealth, freely distributed information giving gay-youth "[a] chance to really get to know yourself and other queer youth on a much deeper level" is given to our high school students. Which are we supposed to believe? Ought we believe the "official" statements given by middle-aged men who have sex with men, with a vested interest in homosexuality and without children in Massachusetts schools? Or should we believe the literature discovered by parents with children in Massachusetts schools?

What is the Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth really all about? Is it about "identity", "safety", "civil rights"? Or is it about pushing children into unnatural and dangerous behaviors?

Has the Governor's Commission toned it down any in recent years? No, they've just learned to disguise who they really are.