Friday, May 12, 2006

The Buck Still Stops with Gov. Romney on "Gay" Extremism in Mass.

Breaking News from the MassResistance website:

Article 8 / MassResistance presents sickening background of this weekend's "Youth Pride" event, by Governor's Commission for Gay & Lesbian Youth."

Gov. Romney reacts by taking steps to disband Commission -- but caves in to pressure from homosexual lobby. Instead, is asking gay activists running the commission to "refocus their resources." (Is this leadership?)

CLICK HERE to see some of what we presented to the Romney administration this week.

MassResistance has been very busy the past few days exposing the depths of depravity behind the so-called "safe schools" movement in Massachusetts. We've been in the Governor's office, forcing him to confront what the "Governor's Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth" is really all about. At first, it appeared the Governor understood, and decided to disband the Commission yesterday. But then, he apparently decided he could work out some sort of compromise with the extremist homosexual movement.

MassResistance would like to remind the Governor that no compromise with evil is possible! We can't negotiate with the Islamic terrorists, which we hope he understands if he's elected President. And we can't compromise with domestic terrorists!

Keep tuned to this developing story at our website:

Also, see the AP story that ran last night, and the Boston Globe story from this morning.