Tuesday, May 09, 2006

MassResistance Trip to ConCon Cancelled!

Now why would Senate President Travaglini go and cancel the Constitutional Convention, scheduled for tomorrow, May 10? Pressing budgetary matters? Or is it running out the clock on the VoteOnMarriage referendum petition? ("Waiting for the Supreme Judicial Court's ruling on whether the petition is Constitutional"... Sure!)

We were looking forward to paying $20 for parking and remembering to leave our Swiss Army knife, mace, etc. behind so we could get through the State House security tomorrow! We really wanted to see what Cambridge Sen. Jarrett ("married to another man") Barrios had up his sleeve with OUR H653, the pure definition of marriage which WE filed to become a statute (NOT an amendment) -- and Barrios illegally, surreptitiously turned into a proposed Constitutional amendment! Was he somehow going to scuttle the VoteOnMarriage's amendment through the device of the mutated H653? Well, we just have to wait until July to find out.

Lawmakers postpone constitutional convention until July
May 9, 2006 - Associated Press

BOSTON -- Lawmakers will wait until July to consider several proposedconstitutional amendments, including making health care access a right andoutlawing gay marriage.

Senate President Robert Travaglini said Tuesday that the constitutional convention scheduled for Wednesday would be postponed because the Senate iscurrently preparing its budget and advancing "other important initiatives." "It would be prudent to postpone the constitutional convention until a later date in July," he said in a statement.

The Supreme Judicial Court is currently weighing a lawsuit by gay marriage activists which could make the proposed gay marriage constitutional amendment moot. The amendment would define marriage as the union of one man and one woman, but gay marriage supporters argue that it would violate the state constitution, which bars any citizen-initiated amendment that seeks to reverse a judicial ruling.