Monday, May 01, 2006

Brave New World = Fatherless Children

The world of the future. Single-mom households, children with no father. Two-mom households, children with no father. And don't forget the two-dad households who somehow adopt children who will know no mother. From the Family Research Council:

Life Without Father
The tykes' smiling pictures confront us in today's Washington Post. They are the children of "Donor 401." He is a German, we know, and he's a sperm donor who has fathered at least 25 children--that we know of. Fairfax (VA) Cryobank is proud of its role in this project. Still anonymous, Donor 401 is nonetheless a hot commodity on TV talk shows. The kids shown appear to be blond, blue-eyed.

Women who have been inseminated with his sperm have appeared with Meredith Vieira on "The View." The "Today" show featured a story on this phenomenon. And Comedy Central's Steve Colbert claimed facetiously to be Donor 401. "Obviously, the kids will ask questions someday," said one of the women who set up an online registry to link up the children who are biologically half-brothers and sisters, "and having this connection will help." Oh yes, they will definitely ask questions someday. And some of these parents may not be entirely prepared to answer.

We used to view with horror the idea of intentionally depriving children of a relationship with their father--and with their brothers and sisters. Now it has become almost a sport, a lark, a subject for daytime TV talk show fun. It is a direct and dehumanizing attack on the family.