Friday, May 19, 2006

Gov. Mitt Romney Is "Father of Gay Marriage"

Parents' Rights Coalition associate director makes serious charges in American Family Association Radio interview:

- A catastrophic surrender is underway as pro-family organizations and conservative media avoid exposing Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney.

- Gov. Romney's blatant fraud will turn out to be one of the most destructive things that has ever happened to constitutional law and the social fabric of the United States. Ted Kennedy could only dream of what Mitt Romney is pulling off with the help of many prominent conservatives.

On May 18, American Family Association Radio interviewed John Haskins, Associate Director of the Parents’ Rights Coalition of Massachusetts. AFA Radio has over 150 stations and affiliates around the country. The following is a partial transcript of the interview:


(On how Governor Romney gets away with funding homosexual brainwashing of schoolchildren while posing outside his state as a pro-family conservative:)

Like the Boston Globe and the Boston Herald, the news media around the country refuse to investigate or report honestly on the homosexual and transsexual groups that are using tax money to go after vulnerable children and lonely teenagers, under the pretense of suicide prevention. This is a growing national scandal underway now for at least fifteen years that will rival the Catholic clergy molestation scandal that so much media energy was put into.

(On why most Americans believe that Romney is defending traditional marriage:)

Likewise the media tirelessly pretends that homosexual marriage in Massachusetts is legal. As Governor Mitt Romney knows very well, it was his illegal executive order that imposed homosexual "marriage", not the Goodridge court decision. I personally know that he was advised in advance that he was violating the state constitution. We've presented to "so-called" conservative media outlets, such as the National Review, and to pro-family organizations the irrefutable evidence that Romney is the founding father of homosexual "marriage" and that he has committed an impeachable act by violating several articles of the state constitution.

The real tragedy is that many pro-family groups and the conservative media continue to cover up for Romney and ignore the plain meaning of the Massachusetts Constitution, which says that neither the governor nor any court can strike down laws. Homosexual "marriage" is still illegal in Massachusetts, yet some conservatives pretend it is legal.

So what we're seeing is a catastrophic surrender by pro-family organizations and conservative media that we are trusting to defend our values, our religious freedom, our parental rights and constitutional law. We're seeing conservative lawyers mislead people -- defending flagrant violations of a state constitution as somehow legal and binding. These are lawyers who, if you ask them, have to admit they've never even read the Massachusetts Constitution.

The cause of this is a desperate need among socially and professionally ambitious conservatives to be accepted by the establishment. But they are covering up a huge political lie that is destroying the culture and the constitutional law that our children were supposed to inherit from us. By covering up Gov. Romney's betrayal of the constitution and the family values he proclaims while touring through conservative primary states, conservatives are engaging in a colossal surrender of all that we owe our children.

Mitt Romney's Big Lie is one of the worst things that has ever happened to constitutional law and traditional values in the United States. I assure, you, Ted Kennedy could only dream of what Mitt Romney is pulling off before our very eyes and with the help of many prominent conservatives.