Friday, May 19, 2006

WE PREDICTED THIS! VoteOnMarriage Amendment to Be Killed

News Flash!

WE PREDICTED THIS! Bay Windows writes that's amdendment
will be killed through a procedural maneuver, using OUR definition of marriage bill H653 (which was filed to create a statute, not an amendment, defining marriage) -- which was ILLEGALLY turned into an amendment by homosexual activist Senator Barrios.

Our May 18 posting prompted the outpouring of strategy from the homosexual lobby.

So what kind of award do we get for political acumen? Meanwhile, VoteOnMarriage kept this possibility as quiet as they could, though we believe they knew full well of this threat. How must all their supporters feel? We did warn them! Last summer, a group of true conservative, pro-family organizations and leaders came out against the amendment, under Article 8 Alliance/MassResistance's leadership. Besides disagreeing the strategy and particular content of the amendment, we predicted court challenges and just such legislative maneuvering as we're now seeing!

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