Saturday, May 13, 2006

How Is "King and King" about Sex?

A recent email from Josh:
I find it unfortunate that you don't allow comments on your blog, it would be nice to see an actual dialogue instead of one man's views on the "gay agenda." I read your post on the book "King and King" and you say that the book is about sex. I ask you, is any book that features a family about sex? Or just the ones that feature people you don't like? -Josh

Hi Josh,
First of all, it has nothing to do with "people we don't like". There are plenty of heterosexual married people we can't stand. We are talking about marriage as an institution, not about the homosexual individuals involved in whatever domestic arrangements they choose.

You can always try a search on the blog for related articles. Try this one: "Yes, This Kindergarten Book IS About Sex" from last August, a few months into the David Parker/Lexington school story, where his son was given the book "Who's In a Family?".

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