Sunday, May 21, 2006

Media Bury News: 2nd Marriage Amendment To Be Killed by Mass. Legislature & GLBT Lobby

Doesn't this seem like pretty big news? The head "gay" lobbyist in Massachusetts announces on Friday their plan -- including cooperation from the Senate President and Speaker of the House -- to scuttle a citizens' referendum to define marriage.

Surely the Boston Globe and Herald know. We even emailed
our posting (which first revealed this sleazy plot) to the Globe reporter supposedly covering the marriage amendment story.

But no, there was total silence in the Saturday and Sunday papers. What the Herald and Globe both found newsworthy over the weekend was a manufactured story from AP, "Gays see shift in momentum toward acceptance in Alabama" (with the Globe running a picture of an attractive, chubby lesbian couple and "their" son). Managed news -- just like living behind the Iron Curtain.

The mainstream GLBT media are trying to figure out how to spin this story. After all, this will be the second time in four years a citizens' referendum has been unconstitutionally killed by the most corrupt state legislature in America.