Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The "Born Gay Hoax"

Check out this lecture (a one-hour video) on the "Born Gay Hoax." We ran across it on the Intercollegiate Studies Institute's excellent website.

From the ISI forum on this lecture:
Ryan Sorba, an ISI Campus Representative at Cal State-San Bernardino gave a lecture last week at his school.... I know Ryan well and he is almost an "expert" on the subject of his lecture and I hope he writes and speaks more on the subject of homosexuality.

Through a psychological approach, Ryan not only views homosexuality as against the natural law, but he also points out the "homosexualist" political movement that has arisen in the past few decades and the many fallacies in their argument that some people are "born gay." Ryan's lecture insists that all people are "born straight" and that there is a "born gay" hoax that has been furthered without any scientific evidence. The idea of being "born gay" is relatively new to the homosexualist movement, yet this idea has had terrible consequences.You can watch the full hour-long lecture (and believe me you will learn alot!) via this link: