Saturday, June 17, 2006

What About the Children at Boston Pride -- and With Homosexual Parents?

There were many young children at the Boston Pride parade and festival on the Common last Saturday. One very young group paraded with a banner advertising a chain of pre-schools. Others apparently attended with the adults they live with -- such as "Tranny Daddy" and "Queer Queer Queer Mom." Most are learning from their activist parents to support the ACLU's attack on America, Western values, and Judeo-Christian morals.

These adult guardians believe it a good thing to expose their children to this event, where
homosexual sex paraphernalia are handed out, and participants identify themselves only through their strange sexual behaviors. Where a drag queen makes grossly filthy jokes, including not-so-subtle implications about the new rage for gay couples adopting Filipino babies (" ... you know why? Because they're beige, and they go with everything."). Where witches and "radical faeries" parade as "independent pagans." Where people march almost naked, fat lesbian bikers ride down the street topless, and transsexuals are cheered as they strut their DSM-IV stuff. Where the Boston polyamory group and the New England Leather Alliance (a 501(c)-3 organization!!) give out their web addresses. Where young women wear tight T-shirts showing that they've had their breasts removed.

Macy's and other corporate sponsors, the Human Rights Campaign, Mayor Menino, and the Boston Pride committee itself all portrayed this as a "family-friendly" event. GLSEN had a bus in the parade. (
Bay Windows claims the "only major snafu came when festival emcee Hedda Lettuce, whose raunchy stand-up act clashed with the tone of the largely family-friendly event, tore into the Pride Committee from the stage after organizers asked her to tone down her act, inviting them to 'eat [her] pickled ass.' ")

Obviously, the definition of "parent" and "family" are now up for grabs, along with "marriage". For those homosexual parents who have children not as an accessory or part of their interior decorating scheme, we still wonder how they can have the best interests of their children in mind if they drag them to such an event. As Dale O'Leary wrote ["The truth about the human person," The Pilot, 5-5-06]: "Of course, same-sex couples who acquire children love them, but such natural emotions will only make it harder for them to admit that they put their own desires above their children's needs." And we doubt she ever contemplated the "families" coming to this sort of event!

O'Leary points out that studies purporting to show children do as well with homosexual parents as heterosexual parents "don't meet the minimum standards for valid research. Most use very small samples, often drawn from the friends of the person doing the study. Some don't even compare children raised by same-sex couples with those raised by their biological married parents, but instead use children raised by single mothers as a control group. The researchers don't ask the hard questions and don't follow the children over time. In several studies, the authors did not accurately represent their own data." And we are certain the researchers don't discuss the effect of parents bringing their children to events such as Boston Pride.

At a recent GLSEN Boston seminar, a homosexual activist teacher told a story about a very sad, quiet boy in his middle school class who kept apart from all the other kids. The teacher gloated that the student seemed so happy when he (the teacher) "came out" to his students, and the boy approached him to confess he had two mommies and was glad to have someone to talk to (...undoubtedly yearning for a father, the adult male who should have been there). But the GLSEN activist doesn't see this from the other perspective: that bringing up a child in this unnatural home was essentially an act of abuse, or at least selfishness, on the part of the two mommies. Their very unhappy, lonely boy was the result.