Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fascist Homosexual Intimidation Tactics & Macy's Window

What is the difference between groups simply exercising their political free speech and fascist intimidation groups? You're seeing a good example of it this week in the controversy over the Macy's "gay pride" display window.

MassResistance engages in political debate. We address constitutional and governmental issues. We write about the profound negative impact that homosexual extremism and "homosexual marriage" are having and will have on societal stability, the rights of parents, and our freedoms of religion and speech. We also touch on the public health disaster of promoting homosexual behaviors. These are issues that should be open to public debate.

The groups on the other side do not engage in debate. They engage in a variety of vicious intimidation tactics. Aside from their emotions-based lobbying in the State House and media, they are all about SHUTTING DOWN any dissent from their revolutionary views. Incensed over the grassroots response to MassResistance's action alert on Macy's homosexual advocacy window display, they've gone bonkers once again.

Today (Sunday, June 11)
QueerToday called for a demonstration in front of the Boston Macy's store. The goal of the demonstration (according to one of their sign suggestions) is to "SHUT DOWN MASSRESISTANCE." They state:

This Sunday bring your rainbows and anti-massresistance signs to rally, and then head to the block parties! When the mannequins are returned and a REAL apology is issued we will claim victory over MassResistance and bigotry. This protest is as much about confronting and shutting down the voice of MassResistance and [sic; as?] protesting Macy's irresponsible and silly decision.

There you have it in their own words. They want to shut us down, silence us. But the only way they can silence us would be through unlawful acts including break-ins, violence, mayhem, arson, physical attacks, or assassination. Is that what they're calling for?

One of our intrepid reporters just informed us that the turnout for this demonstration was piddling -- fewer than 10! (We suspect that the rest of the supposed 100,000+ gay pride celebrants were up late last night.) Photos coming soon. Though their turnout today was low, we still need to beware their message because they mean it. And they have many allies in the government and media to help them accomplish it.

Let's review some of the recent intimidation activities. They go way beyond name-calling and verbal personal attacks.

Some person or persons from the homosexual extremist crowd broke into our home last November. Looking for "vulnerabilities", said a security expert. Credit card numbers used for harassment purchases. Message left in the house: "LEAVE". Who knows what personal information taken. And they surely now know the layout of the house and surroundings intimately.

The group behind today's demonstration, QueerToday, orchestrated a riot outside last October's "Love Won Out" Conference (a Christian ex-gay ministry associated with Focus on the Family) at the Tremont Temple Baptist Church. They were barely held at bay by policemen, as a thousand or so demonstrators thundered "SHUT IT DOWN!" and threatened to break down the doors, shaking the building through their loudspeakers and terrorizing the participants inside. (They had no permit for their demonstration.)

QueerToday also organized a disruption of Mass at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in 2003, where extremist homosexual couples held hands, kissed, and turned their backs to the altar during the elevation of the Host.

Boston Herald and Globe columnists (Margery Eagan, Eileen MacNamara) write personal attacks, full of untruths, on Brian Camenker, head of MassResistance.

WHDH-TV Channel 7 News ran a story last week which included an outright lie about MassResistance by the executive director of the AIDS Action Committee of Massachusetts. No retraction has been made.

Bay Windows (homosexual newspaper) runs frequent stories targeting us, including the gratuitous naming of one of our children's high school. Headlines such as "Tracking [MR staff name]." (Hmm, what does the word "tracking" imply?) Bay Windows also refers its readers to two hate blogs specifically attacking the MassResistance staff and organization.

The website of Boston Pride refers its readers to a hate blog which attacks us personally, and is run by a man who harassed us at the office through personal emails, threatening us, mentioning our children, describing one's appearance and where he went to college, etc.

The Mass. Attorney General refused to prosecute the perpetrator of these harassing emails. Instead, they advised him to open up a blog which has since published our home address, phone number, and a personal email address.The blogger has close ties to one of the plaintiffs (an attorney) in the Goodridge "gay marriage" lawsuit.

Worcester City Hall and Police apparently colluded with homosexual activists in trying to shut down Pastor Tom Crouse's "Mr. Hetero" contest this past February. (There's a lawsuit pending on that case.)

KnowThyNeighbor published the name and town of every signer of the VoteOnMarriage petition to amend the Mass. Constitution to define marriage.

ACLU of Massachusetts is always ready to jump in with a statement calling us a "fringe" group. On talk radio last week, its director said we "froth at the mouth." Ditto people like Mayor Menino.