Wednesday, June 07, 2006

MassResistance "Like Wet Paper"?

Mumbles Menino supporting diversity at an AIDS walk

The ever eloquent Boston Mayor Mumbles Menino slammed the mainstream supporters of MassResistance who dare to call his office to question the rainbow flag flying over Boston City Hall, or who demand that Macy's remove its window display of rainbow-skirt draped, breasted male mannequins.

Menino told Bay Windows that it was the "radical right wing" causing all the recent unpleasantness. “They call, but I treat them like they’re a piece of wet paper. They’ll disappear eventually. I don’t take them very seriously.”

MassResistance to Mumbles: No, we're NOT going to disappear! And it's hard to believe anyone has to take you seriously.
Mumbles can be reached at Boston City Hall: 617.635.4500