Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Does Drag Queen "Hedda Lettuce" Shop at Macy's?

He ought to, since Macy's supported his X-rated performance which was blasted all around the Boston Common, with his image on a gigantic screen towering over downtown. Lots of children (many adopted by GLBTs?) were listening.

Bay Windows reports on Hedda's excremental show, so foul that (normal) adult men we know had to leave.

[There were] "jokes about stretched anal orifices, gay couples adopting Filipino babies and pop singer Jewel giving oral sex with a chipped tooth. ... After Hedda had dropped more f-bombs than we could count, someone from backstage asked her to tone things down. And that's when Hedda blew her top and things got, well, entertaining. Click here to read Hedda's x-rated act. Read on to hear her temper tantrum...

"Pride Committee member Joblin Younger came on to close the show, and he admitted that he was the one who was the target of Hedda's wrath from on stage. 'In addition to thanking all the sponsors our artists, the performances today, were outstanding, including Hedda Lettuce, who ripped me a new one, [We'll bet he did! Did you enjoy it, Joblin?] Younger said. 'But she was fabulous, wasn't she? She was fabulous.' "

[Hedda writes on his blog:] "How ironic being censored at a gay pride event. Instead of cleaning up my act it enraged me and I went into a tirade on how the events organizers were trying to censor me for being too DIRTY and I asked the audience to shout out the dirtiest thing they could on the count of 3. The audience was more than happy to oblige me....

"It just saddens me that we are still try [sic] appease these so called STRAIGHT FAMILIES that come to our events. We as gay people have been known to be on the cutting edge of comedy, style, art and more... so today I find us making steps backwards and trying to appease a bunch of people who have benefited throuhout [sic] the centuries from our creative energies. People who don't take chances and try to assimilate with the herd which is something we as gay people have fought so hard over the years not to become.

"So I will continue to be who I am despite what other fags and these STRAIGHT FAMILIES supposedly want from us. I am not your clown if you don't like what I have to say don't come to the events. And let us not start censoring each other or it will be the death knell for all of us."

Has Macy's seen Hedda's blog?