Monday, June 05, 2006

Calling Reasonable People Bigots is Bigotry, Sen. Kennedy

Sen. Ted Kennedy is calling reasonable people -- who support the federal marriage amendement -- "bigots". This is bigotry on his part. (See his absurd editorial, "GOP Says 'I Do' to Bigotry" in the Boston Herald, 6-6-06.)

MassResistance doesn't even support the federal amendment. Among other problems, it doesn't ban civil unions. But Kennedy gets that wrong too! Nothing in the amendment stops states from establishing civil unions, domestic partnerships, whatever. Kennedy says:

Proponents use fear tactics and claim that marriage is under attack by activist judges. That’s simply not true. The country is divided over gay marriage; within the laws of each state, there is ongoing debate in which Congress should not intervene. A vote for this amendment is a vote for bigotry - pure and simple. A vote for it is a vote against civil unions, against domestic partnerships, and against efforts by states to treat gays and lesbians fairly under the law.

How is it a "fear tactic" or "bigotry" to discuss the effect of homosexual "marriage" on societal stability? This is the latest Democrat/liberal line: that conservatives are instilling "fear" and "being divisive" if they dare to question some bizarre idea that goes against millennia of tradition and common sense. And clearly the liberals aren't happy that America has awakened to the fact that they're getting their way only through the activist courts, so they're trying to deny that.

(Compare this to the welfare "debate". Was it a "fear tactic" to talk about the effect on children of fatherless homes? Was it "divisive" to question the wisdom of replacing responsible fathers with welfare checks? Well, yeah -- the liberals did manage to put a damper on this debate by labeling any questions "racist"! Even now there's an effort to squelch the understanding that the liberal "Great Society" led to the drug and crime problems in our inner cities.)

While we don't support the VoteOnMarriage amendement here in Massachusetts either, Kennedy should be ashamed of himself for falsely claiming that there is legitimate "ongoing debate". We all know that constitutional requirements and parliamentary rules are ignored by our state Legislature, at least concerning marriage amendments!