Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Homosexuals and Spiritual Understanding

Photo credit: InNewsWeekly from Boston Pride 2006

Today's Boston Globe rushed to announce a planned press conference by the "Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry," who insist that thousands of years of Judeo-Christian teachings have gotten it wrong, and that "marriage" can be based on sodomy. (See "Multifaith coalition targets O'Malley; Members support same-sex marriage.") The coalition, which shares an office with MassEquality, accuses Cardinal O'Malley of "religious discrimination" and says "it violates the principle of church-state separation to deny civil marriage rights based on Catholic teaching."

In other words, the Cardinal has no place speaking on anything concerning government and laws, whether it's abortion, the death penalty, war, poverty programs, whatever. But the "progressives", as they call themselves, can impose their religious understanding on the rest of us, and it's not religious discrimination. Yes, the "progressives" understand spiritual truths about sodomy "marriage" the rest of us just don't get.
Why, just look at the loving couple above at the recent Pride celebration in Boston. One fellow is so devout he's tatooed a cross on his arm, and the other is wearing a cross necklace! Now they get it! (Note also the poster for the Ramrod "gay" bar.) They look like they have "marriage" on their minds.

What would Jesus do?