Monday, June 12, 2006

Letter to Mayor Menino

From our frequent contributor John Haskins:

One of the signs of our inability to hear God's voice and sense His anger at a culture that sacrifices its children, body and soul, to the idols of our time, is that the words and tone of Christ and the Prophets now seem extreme to our ears. I sent an e-mail to Boston Mayor Menino that I hope conveys the undiluted honesty and harsh rebuke that I believe Christ, Isaiah, and Jeremiah would address him with -- rather than the watered-down, instantly evaporating sermonettes delivered by most religious leaders today.

June 9, 2006
To Mayor Menino,

There you go again. You publicly call "trash" anyone who does not share your naive fondness for sodomy and its culture of death -- which treats children as political pawns who can't tell the difference between a lesbian and a father, or a homosexual man and a mother. Presumably you include Jesus Christ and every spiritual figure of the Old and New Testament -- and the Founding Fathers and most of Western Civilization -- in the group you are slandering.

You said: "They call, but I treat them like they're a piece of wet paper. They'll disappear eventually. I don't take them very seriously." You owe me and millions of others an apology for your foul and primitive remarks. Your "tolerance" and "open-mindedness" are bare-faced hypocrisy and we find it remarkable that you retain ridiculous, half-hearted pretensions to be a follower of Jesus Christ, whose moral code you mock and assault. Will Christ and His truth also disappear eventually?

You, sir, reveal yourself to be a consummate conformist: In the style of our day, you pass off your bigotry, contempt, and hatred as "tolerance." It takes no courage to do this, nor certainly any authentic love of fellow human beings, whatever their sexual habits. This is not courage but cowardice. Under the flag of Tolerance, haters pose as a new and superior breed of human beings, dedicated to erecting the new Apartheid against parents, voters, and now charitable organizations that cling foolishly to the moral core of Judeo-Christianity on which America was founded.

One thing is obvious: If you thought that it would pay more to turn your inverted, patchwork "morality" around 180 degrees, you obviously would. You repeatedly demonstrate that you have degenerated into a caricature of the sleazy, vain, corrupt political whore that our Founding Fathers warned us about.

May God have mercy on your immortal soul for your part in debauching present and future generations of Massachusetts children. And may God have mercy on the late, great City of Boston.

A Massachusetts citizen,
J. E. Haskins