Tuesday, June 13, 2006

MassResistance Takes Down Revealing "Tranny Daddy" Photos

Courteous as always, MassResistance has agreed to remove some very revealing photos from this blog which originally appeared on the BostonDykeMarch website, taken by a "Drag King" performance artist who posts under the name "Truth Serum." We ran three photos of a group (two adults and three children) in orange T-shirts: the kids' shirts reading "Kid of Queers," one adult's shirt reading "Daddy is a Tranny." (Who knows if these photos will remain posted on their sites for long.)

Links to the photos:

Now we ask, if these photos are all about "Truth", why don't Dyke March
and Truth Serum want the whole world to see them? Or is there one Truth for them, and a separate Truth for the rest of us? We have discovered over the past few years that nothing infuriates GLBT activists more than exposing their real world to the larger public. (For example, our photos of the riot at the Love Won Out conference, the Macy's mannequins, and now their own photos of Dyke March participants ...)

This is a movement used to operating under the radar, and the American public has given them the courtesy of "privacy" for so many years. Problem is, some of their weirder goings-on are now all too public. But if they don't want to appear on this blog, they shouldn't appear in public so bloggers on their own side will publish their photos!

"What they do in the privacy of their own bedrooms" may be their own business. But GLBT "liberation" and "marriage" have unfortunately made it ours now, too. Shove it in our face, and we have a right to post it! Isn't the Pride march all about making their "sexual expression" and practices public?

So get used to it, GLBT activists. While we may take down three of your photos out of courtesy to the three innocent children involved, we will soon be posting some great new photos WE have taken of some very public sidewalk scenes. (By the way, we credited the three photos to Boston Dyke March, and did not violate any copyright laws. But we have far better ways of spending our time than discussing copyright law with Truth Serum!)