Thursday, June 08, 2006

Macy's Male Mannequins and Margery Eagan's Smear Tactics


Margery Eagan's smear of our mainstream group in today's Boston Herald once again makes us wonder if there's some profound, unresolved personal "issue" driving her vitriol. It makes us think of stories we've heard from crisis pregnancy center counselors, who have told us that this sort of anger and lashing out may be a sign of post-abortive guilt feelings that have never been properly dealt with. Just think: A quarter or more or all American women have had at least one abortion. This probably includes a disproportionate number of "liberal" women -- ACLU types, bitchy columnists -- who defend their "right" to kill babies.

It seems Margery is also confused over male-female physiology, and can't quite bring herself to admit that Macy's "gay" male mannequins do NOT exhibit normal pectoral muscles. (And she also seems to be strangely focused on Victoria's Secret mannequin breasts. Have they "undermined [her] confidence" in her own body? Why bring up Victoria's Secret in a discussion of radical homosexual propaganda?)

Margery asks how MassResistance learned about the Macy's Pride display. The answer is, in her own newspaper in
an article entitled "Pride and Joy" (June 1), pushing the glories of Pride Week on everyone.