Monday, November 07, 2005

Answer to Mayor Menino's Charge of "Hate" at "Love Won Out" Conference

The following letter was sent today by Michael Heath of the Christian Civic League of Maine, to Mayor Tom Menino of Boston. Menino made false and base charges -- for his own financial and political gain -- calling the "Love Won Out" conference (sponsored by Focus on the Family in Boston on Oct. 29) a hate-filled event. Menino made this charge in his speech at the radical Human Rights Campaign dinner in Boston, and is quoted in Bay Windows. Here is Heath's letter:

Mayor Menino,

I understand that you spoke to a group of homosexuals and their supporters recently. You are quoted saying of Focus on the Family, “"We believe that their message is hate, not love. We also know that same-sex marriages are pro-family." That morning the president of our ministry was told by police officers who work for you to remain in the Tremont Temple Church. He was attending the “Love Won Out” conference that caused you to make this untoward comment about Focus on the Family. Your police officers feared for his safety. He simply wanted to walk peaceably among the protestors.

Mayor, I have worked with Focus on the Family for almost two decades. They do not hate people. But then, you know that already. You are choosing to hitch your political wagon to the homosexual rights cause, and this is a good way to win their loyalty, to fire them up to support you as Mayor.

You also know that “same sex marriages” are not pro family. I am saddened to see the City of our great Puritan forefathers choose the side of Sodom over that of Jerusalem. There is no doubt in my mind what side John and Abigail Adams are on. I assure you, Mr. Mayor, you are not on their side. For political gain, you have sided with forces that will ultimately destroy your once great city.

Until then, we will pray for you and the good people of Boston. We will continue to enjoy the rich Christian history and heritage of our great New England, including Boston. And we will do everything in our power to stop you politically and persuade you spiritually.

Michael S. Heath, executive director
Christian Civic League of Maine