Monday, November 07, 2005

Putting a Face on It

We talk and write so much about homosexual "marriage", we thought it would help to put a face on it! So -- here's a "wedding" photo of two of the poster boys for MassEquality and Bay Windows.
Emanuel ("Buddy") and Patrick were united in sodomitic bliss, sanctioned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, on June 4, 2005 in a seaside ceremony. After their "wedding", they travelled to New York City, where they were thrilled to find chocolates on their pillows when they retired on their honeymoon night.

(Photo credit: Bay Windows)

Buddy works for the EPA as a specialist in drinking water, solid waste, and rats. In his spare time he enjoys acting in amateur theatricals, some of his favorites being "Jack the Ripper" and the video "Hooking Up". He's also an activist in the federal employees' "gay rights" organization. Patrick is a self-employed real estate attorney, who likes cuddling up with his cat and weekending in Maine.

They're looking forward to redecorating their kitchen in their South End home this fall, and have recently become very active in the blogosphere. They also enjoy keeping their eye on the radical right, often attending their functions where they take photos to share with their friends.