Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Pray for Maine

Michael Heath is a hero for the whole country, not just Maine. Here's from his blog today, as Maine voters go to the polls. Let's hope they'll overturn the hideous "queer rights" law, which if left standing will promote unimaginable forms of sexual perversion and indoctrination, while ending freedom of religion and speech on the issue. It's a long piece, but a must-read. A warning to the whole country. Wake up America!

Today is the day we decide

Today is election day 2005. The people of Maine will vote about sex, again. Many don't know this is the subject they are deciding -- sexual morality. They have believed the dark lies about our state. They think we are a state of bigots who hate homosexuals. This deception is made possible by the institutions of Maine. The media, the political parties, the government and even the Catholic Diocese of Maine. The responsibility for the corruption of our youth will lie with them.

The hands of the Christian Civic League of Maine, Coalition for Marriage, Maine Grassroots Coalition and every YES voter today will be mercifully clean. God has washed them. He is the only one with enough power to scrape away the evil filth that is now known in the west as the left.

To continue with the hand metaphor -- support for homosexuality is like creating a cake you plan to eat with your bare hands using mud from a pig sty while recognizing the evil of this ideology is like raising undefiled hands to heaven thankful for His miraculous salvation.

Regardless of the outcome today it is only a matter of time before things will become crystal clear for everyone. Either the truths of God and nature will prevail, or the utopian anarchistic fantasies of the "queers" and their ilk will prevail. They will strip our laws of obvious concepts and truths like the words "mother" and "father." They will tell very young girls that they indeed may be a little boy trapped in a little girl's body. And they will do all of this without parental involvement -- unless the parents agree with the goals and views of the government.

It is already happening.

And you know what, in the face of this dark evil Maine Republican legislators choose to do little more than vote right (some of them.) And even here they are so significantly split and weak that they allowed Ted O'Meara to go unscathed through this Question 1 campaign. Maine Won't Discriminate silenced the Maine GOP by dredging up an old past chairman of the party. That is all it took. Amazing, and pathetic.

Why didn't the Maine GOP help with the fund raising? Why didn't the Maine GOP endorse the YES vote? Why didn't the Maine GOP meet with the leadership of the Coalition for Marriage and offer to assist? Why did the Maine GOP commit to making the petition names available to us in an electronic form, and then fail to even do that? I'll tell you why.

Their hearts are not with us. They want us for our votes, and that is all. They have become masters at silencing the voice of the Christian, especially after he/she becomes a candidate. Entry into the Maine GOP, especially leadership, requires skills in pragmatism, deal making and negotiation that pale in comparison to what is required in most endeavors. The Maine GOP is incapable of leading on social issues. They are totally corrupt.

I learned this one day shortly after becoming executive director of the Christian Civic League of Maine. This was back in the mid 1990s. While standing in the Senate Republican office with a few Republicans the leader of the Senate Republicans approached me and placed her face right next to my left ear. She whispered, "F**k you" and backed away maintaining eye contact while sporting a gleeful smile on her face. I was there on official League business working on the abortion issue. She was a rabid pro abortion politician.

I have, of course, grown accustomed to this form of intimidation over the years. I witnessed it most powerfully on Maine's college campuses and at Cape Elizabeth High School this fall.

If you wish to see Maine remain free from slot machines. If you are serious about your pro life and pro family convictions. If you want to protect future generations from "queer" indoctrination in our public schools then you have two choices. You can force change on the Maine GOP or you can participate in a third party. Many good people have been sitting on their hands for years. That is why the Republican Party is out of power in the Maine State House.

In the meantime the "gay" lobby is thoroughly Democrat. The lesbians are the front line shock troops for the Democrats. Their passionate appeal for acceptance is the religion of the Maine Democratic Party. They pretend it is civil rights for all. We all know now that it is really the overturning of civilization as we have known it since the beginning of Maine -- including the complete corruption of family life and the destruction of innocence in childhood.

I am thankful for the Christian Civic League of Maine. We will continue to support all Christians who choose active involvement in either political party, or no political party. Our concern is good citizenship. Good citizens support life and family. Apathetic and evil citizens support homosexuality and abortion.

--Michael Heath, Executive Director
Christian Civic League of Maine