Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Spreading Gender Confusion

The national popular press -- in this case GQ (Gentleman's Quarterly) -- is in on the GLBTQIP game. It's playing with gender identity confusion by naming actress Jennifer Anniston "Man of the Year" . This sort of thing just isn't cute -- in fact, it's getting tiresome. UPI reports:

Jennifer Aniston has become GQ magazine's first (Wo)Man of the Year. The magazine's 10th annual Man of the Year cover is a topless Aniston, with her womanly parts discretely obscured, reported Tuesday. The magazine said it decided to forgo the Y gene and chose Aniston this year for her "poise, grace and humor" during the scandal involving her now ex-husband Brad Pitt...

Are the words "poise, grace and humor" usually considered manly qualities? It would be interesting to know the "gender identity" of the people deciding this award.