Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Senator Havern: Laughing All the Way to the Bank

This is what it's all about: MONEY! ... and the craving to appear "progressive".

State Senator Robert Havern of Arlington was "honored" by the GLBTQIP community last week. They held a fundraiser for this very funny senator, who keeps them all in stitches by calling us "bigots".

It's truly amazing that Senator Havern thinks that granting special rights for GLBTQIP's is an issue anyone can be lighthearted about. Too bad he wasn't with us at the Love Won Out conference last Saturday, to observe the true character of this movement he's been duped into supporting. In the leadership as Assistant Majority Whip, he's among the worst the Massachusetts legislature has to offer.

From Bay Windows:

Despite 18 years as one of the LGBT community's most committed legislative allies, it's hard to believe that the gay political establishment has never, not once, held a fundraiser for Sen. Robert Havern (D-Arlington), a fact not lost on the man himself. "How's that, huh?" muses the Assistant Majority Whip. "I'm a virgin," he deadpans. "So to speak." ...

Through the years, Havern, who was elected to the Senate in 1990, has been a key supporter "on every single GLBT issue there is," says Arline Isaacson [chief GLBTQIP lobbyist]. Beyond opposing attempts to ban gay foster parenting and adoption in the late 80s, Havern filed domestic partnership bills throughout the 1990s...,in addition to supporting hate crimes legislation and the Safe Schools Program. In pre-Goodridge 2003 he sponsored a civil union bill. At the start of the 2004 legislative session, Havern filed a bill to amend the state's marriage laws to conform to the Goodridge ruling.

But Havern's most important pro-gay work on behalf of the LGBT community, says Isaacson, has been behind the scenes, where his off-beat sense of humor has disarmed even the most ardent gay rights foes. "He could talk to them and could get them laughing at their own bigotry," says Isaacson, "which is a very unusual skill." It's a talent that was in full swing during last year's constitutional convention, when Havern famously urged those who are uncomfortable with gay sex to support same-sex marriage because, as everyone knows, "After marriage there is no sex."