Thursday, November 03, 2005

Mayor Menino: "Love Won Out" Conference about Hate

Boston Mayor Tom Menino is a disgrace. Read this quote from Bay Windows' endorsement of him in light of the scandalous disruption of the Love Won Out conference last Saturday. Is it any wonder that QueerToday radicals run wild in the streets with this man as mayor?

In the race for Mayor, Bay Windows endorses incumbent Tom Menino. With the exception of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, who made his mark, obviously, by opening up San Francisco City Hall to same-sex couples who wanted to marry, it's hard to think of another big-city mayor who is more supportive of LGBT rights than Menino....The city is one of a handful in the nation that expressly forbids discrimination on the basis of gender identity....

At last weekend's Human Rights Campaign dinner he showed why the LGBT community has supported him so fiercely: in talking about the ex-gay Love Won Out conference that had taken place in the city earlier in the day, he dismissed it disdainfully. There was no pretense that religion offers an escape clause when it comes to supporting civil rights. "We believe that their message is hate, not love," the Mayor told attendees of the dinner. "We also know that same-sex marriages are pro-family."