Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dear LBGTQIP Readers: Come Join Me at My Church Tomorrow

Note 11-20-05:
The letter below was posted last night in the hopes that the criminals who broke into my home, stealing my privacy and credit card, would feel some remorse for their vile act. Are we surprised they did not respond? Their criminal behavior reveals the true nature of the radical "gay" movement.

Dear "Gay" Activist Friends,

We thought liberals believed in the right of privacy. So I'm very puzzled by your recent behavior.

Instead of breaking and entering into my home, going through my personal belongings, and taking who knows what private information and photographs, why not just give me a call and arrange to meet for coffee or lunch?

Better yet, why not come to meet my at my welcoming church tomorrow morning at 9:30 (stay for coffee!). We are a welcoming congregation. We welcome all. We are all sinners, seeking the grace and forgiveness of God. You are welcome. You know where I go to church, since you have alerted the press...

We'd really like you to come ... and repent your evil deeds of this past week. As I will try to forgive you, and will pray for you.

In Christ,
A. Mann