Friday, November 18, 2005

Illegal Demonstrations: Illegal in D.C. But Not Boston

The D.C. Park Police arrested and fined Cindy Sheehan and her antiwar buddies for demonstrating without a permit near the White House. Good to see our Capitol police are still enforcing the law.

But in Boston, demonstrators without permits can get away with anything: place coffins in the middle of streets and sidewalks, intimidate conference attendees, chant loudly all day, halt a march for a half hour or more in front of the church and blast it with loudspeakers, and have police stand by doing nothing. This is what happened at the ex-gay conference sponsored by Focus on the Family on October 29 in Boston.

While the antiwar group had a permit for their event on the Boston Common that day, the queer demonstrators who were outside the church all day did not. Nor did anyone have permission to halt a thousand or more marchers outside the church and blast thunderous, amplified threats at the conference.

This sort of outrage is becoming common in Boston, because Mayor Menino has sold his soul to the dark side. Don't ask him to explain why he supports this evil movement. He'll only mumble something incomprehensible. (Check out Howie Carr's "Mumbles Menino" web site!)