Saturday, November 05, 2005

Gender Identity & Gender Expression Legislation

Rep. Carl Sciortino of Somerville has big plans to push the Massachusetts legislature into the very deepest pit of sexual perversion. He plans to file legislation to protect "gender-variant" or "trans" people, specifically to ban discrimination on the basis of "gender identity" or "gender expression".

For the radical queer activists, it wasn't enough to ban discrimination on the basis of "sexual orientation" (nowhere defined) back in 1989. This opened the door to the homosexual "marriage" ruling (though at the time no one would admit that was the intention or even possible). But we must go even further, they believe.

What a Pandora's Box will be opened by these new undefined terms -- "gender identity" and "gender expression"! Say goodbye to free speech, freedom of religion, the right to run one's own business, and the right to control our children's education on this issue. Soon, if you dare object (or even make a face), you'll be charged with a hate crime.

Boys will be able to go to school dressed as girls, and no one will be able to complain or halt it. Crossdressers and transsexuals will demand to use whichever restroom fits their "identity" or "expression" that day. Teachers will be able to "transform" themselves over summer vacation and come back as the opposite sex (as happened last year in a New Jersey junior high school) -- and parents or school officials will not be able to terminate the teacher's contract. Business owners will not be able to reject a transgender or transsexual job candidate for fear of a lawsuit.

Already in Massachusetts, we've noted these examples on our streets, and it will only get worse: teenage boys in fishnet stockings and short dresses on parade at the Governor's "Youth Pride" parade in Boston; boys going to their high school or college prom as a "queen"; young women ("Tranny Bois") baring their scarred chests, with breasts removed at Gay Pride parades in Boston; college queer activists demanding unisex bathrooms; high school "transgender awareness" days.

As we travel further down this road, these phrases ("gender identity", "gender expression", and "sexual orientation") will be interpreted to allow basically anything imaginable, truly way-out behaviors (as Professor Rob Gagnon warns us): Eventually [there will be] special civil rights protection for other "sexual minorities" who can claim oppression for their "orientation": 'polysexuals' (those who are in multiple partner unions), participants in adult consensual incest, and perhaps even 'pedosexuals' (persons sexually oriented toward young adolescents or children).

Who are we to object? After all, these people are just expressing their sexuality and gender -- which they can define however they want (depending on how they feel that day -- after all, gender is "fluid").

Sciortino is an openly homosexual legislator who was a GLBTQIP activist leader while an undergraduate at Tufts, then a manager of anal lubricant research projects at Fenway Community Health Center. He also took part in a disruptive QueerToday demonstration inside the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston, protesting Catholic teaching against homosexual "marriage".

According to Bay Windows, Sciortino is now working closely with the Mass. Transgender Political Coalition and the Mass. Gay & Lesbian Political Caucus to draft this proposed legislation. On November 1, these people got together at a forum at Suffolk University Law School to discuss "Legal Protections for Gender-Variant People: Challenging Discrimination." This is serious business.