Thursday, November 10, 2005

Level of Discourse, Part II

A while back, we reported a typical email from a queer activist, received by a pro-family legislator. To complement that, we now post a recent voice mail left on Lexington father David Parker's home phone, immediately after ABC World News Tonight ran a story on his arrest. Here's the report from Article 8 Alliance, that includes this rancid and vile message:

In case you ever wondered how disgusting the homosexual activists can get when they don't like you, here's just a little taste of it.

As we mentioned in a recent email, a few weeks back David Parker appeared on the national "ABC World News Tonight" program being interviewed about his stand in Lexington for parental notification. Within fifteen seconds of the four-minute segment's completion, a terrifying call came to his house that was left on his answering machine. (He and his family were watching the show and didn't pick up the phone). Since it came so quickly, it was clear that it was planned (probably from the teaser broadcast the day before on the program) and meant to terrorize him.

WARNING: THIS IS VERY DISGUSTING AND OBSCENE. But this is the kind of thing that's being dished out behind the scenes by this "tolerant and welcoming" movement against parents and others they don't like. Click here if you wish to listen to it.

We keep saying this: in a few years you may not be able to stop this. This is why every one of us must get involved now.

Click here for David Parker background.)
Click here to view the ABC News clip. (Windows Media Viewer format)